Ben Schroeder


April 13, 2019

Thanks for stopping by my new blog!

I’ve wanted to have a more personal Web presence for a while, but the usual excuses — life, work, laziness — have kept me from doing so. No longer.

While I entertained the idea of starting a blog in the past, choosing a focal point has always been arduous. I’m a developer, and I love talking about code, but a programming-focused blog feels unsustainable. I want to kick my writing muscles back into gear; a blog where I write about whatever I want feels like the path of least resistance.

That means this corner of the internet will include shop talk, but also personal thoughts, rambling about my other hobbies, and meta posts like this one.

Change of Scenery

It feels like an appropriate time to start writing again. In a few months, I’ll reach my two-year anniversary as a developer at Esri.

Before that, however — in a few weeks! — I will relocate from the concrete jungle of Northern Virginia to sunny Redlands, California. To say I’m excited is an understatement. This transition will be a new trajectory for my life and career. Stay tuned.

Redlands, California

Technical Details

All previous (short-lived) iterations of my personal website have existed at DreamHost. DreamHost has been very good to me, but the tools felt a bit archaic. Now I’m on Netlify, and I couldn’t be happier. I didn’t realize hosting services had come so far — deploying this blog (running Gatsby if you couldn’t tell) was suspiciously easy.

Design and formatting changes will trickle in slowly; I just wanted to get something up and running before committing too heavily. (Is it really my website if it isn’t red?)

Gatsby has also been a joy to use, especially because I’m already comfortable in the React ecosystem. The only potential pain point, I think, is its heavy use of GraphQL — a technology that I find a bit obtuse right now. Hopefully I get more comfortable as this experiment continues.

That’s All For Now

I’ve got a few drafts floating around. Time to get to work. Cheers!

Ben Schroeder

Written by Ben Schroeder, a Web and GIS developer who lives in Southern California. You should follow him on Twitter.