Ben Schroeder

In Redlands

May 02, 2019

Moving is really hard and annoying.

It involves juggling tons of little details, something at which I am historically unskilled. When does my lease end in Virginia? When does my lease begin in California? What’s the best cost-to-speed ratio to have my stuff shipped across the country? Did I remember to return borrowed equipment to the cable company? How do I cancel my gym membership? Do my banks and insurance companies know about my new address? How much cruft can I fit in two suitcases? Why didn’t anyone tell me this would be so expensive???

And yet, somehow, I’ve stumbled into a universe where things are working out.

I don’t really believe I live here yet. Logically, I know that my ticket to California was one-way; that I am slowly but surely getting used to my new apartment; and that my car is sitting outside a few yards away, still adorned in vanity Virginia plates. I suppose it will settle in soon.

Ben Schroeder

Written by Ben Schroeder, a Web and GIS developer who lives in Southern California. You should follow him on Twitter.